I Dance By Magnolia

Welcome letter and love

Hello friends! I’m Amanda, but I dance by Magnolia. Thank you for being here to read this!

As stated in my profile, “Join me in my 2nd year as a stripper in Denver to see how a 26 year old exotic dancer pays off student loans.” I support all members of the sex industry and I want to share my own style of making money.  I am a non-full service dancer and a non-escort. To the ladies that do escort and perform full service jobs, I salute you! Do I make less money? Yes! But I still consider myself successful :).

I’ll be updating this blog frequently to give you summaries of the events at work and my personal views on it all.

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I love the internet and all the interaction that comes with it so don’t be shy to leave comments and such.

With love,

Miss Magnolia