Effects of the Eclipses

Since my last post I have been recovering on an emotional and mental level.

I was fired from Shotgun Willies for how I handled a situation in which I was having items thrown at me. It was a slow night and there was a group of people sitting in the VIP area next to the DJ booth. A hard candy appeared on my stage and I inquired to some bystanders who put it there. It was thrown from the VIP area. I proceeded to toss it back to them in a playful way and as a rejection of their “tip”. I called the newer manager Roman over to address their disrespect. He “talked to them”. At the end of my set, I was coming down the stairs near their party’s side and I saw a beaded bracelet fly past my head as I simultaneously see a man’s hand coming out of the throwing gesture. I lost my temper and went up to him on the other side of the banister and yelled that I saw him throw the bracelet at me. He was wasted and proceeded to disrespect me verbally. I told him to go fuck himself and I knock off a dude’s hat. Some witnesses saw what happened and were defending me, creating somewhat of a riot. The manager Roman and I had a brief discussion about what happened before I dismissed myself from the shift and left early for the night. After this incident, I worked a Monday and Tuesday shift, which Roman was managing, with no issue. I came in to work that Friday and two hours into my shift, I’m called to speak with another manager Machiek. In the middle of this Friday night shift, he tells me I’m fired for slapping a customer. I say I never slapped anyone and ask to see the video footage evidence. Management refuses to provide evidence. I leave. And I’m not going back.

I was shocked into a depresssion for a week until I gained the courage to reaudition at Diamond Cabaret, who rejected me six months prior. I got hired at Diamond the last week of February and I’ve been thriving there since. It is one billion times better than Shotgun Willies and I make a lot more. I have realized how unhappy I really was at Shotgun’s. I didn’t quite vibe with people there. I kept to myself and got “why are you by yourself?” a lot. I wasn’t involved in the coke scene, which made the majority of people not trust me. I’m not a nark about cocaine. I don’t care at all. But of course coke users probably would prefer to chill with other coke users.


There’s something extra fishy going on with management and ownership. I don’t know what it is, but I’m an observant person and I was there three or four days a week for two years. Something isn’t quite right. Regardless, the owners did not give me a good impression and that’s all I’ll say about that for now.

I have been livestreaming myself pole dancing on Instagram and will be posting the videos to Youtube.

I fly to Tampa at the end of March to vacation and dance at Thee Dollhouse.

More later.






Ever since the eclipse my life has had major events.

My contract with Shotgun Willies ended on Friday.

I’m searching for a new home club.

I realized who I was in my most recent past life.

I am currently sitting at break for a music video shoot.

More later.

Eagles Win the Superbowl

I worked Fri/Saturday this weekend. I was in THE BEST mood on Saturday at work. I felt extra amazing and I didn’t know why. I wasn’t making an abnormal amount of money, but I did buy mermaid shorts. IMG_4007.JPG

Was planning to work for Superbowl Sunday, but ended up not due to tiredness and knowing that all the customers would be too wasted for me.

My trainer is out of town for a week so this week I am training with a different one. I suspect he will be harder on me than my regular trainer.

I’ve had some pretty life-changing conversations in the past couple days. One was about the value of timely, brutal honesty. The other was about changing my life by doing different things on a daily basis. You can’t change if you do the same things every day. I woke up around 6am this morning to start my day early as a response to this.

I am looking forward to getting my finances straight, as I am getting help with that from an advisor.

All for now.




Hi guys

The Energy has been shifting a lot and it’s really affecting me. Things aren’t going as planned, but not necessarily in a bad way. I feel a bit disassociated. I am flooded with thoughts of things I want to accomplish but then also stuck in the three-dimensional world of having to pay my bills. It’s really frustrating to sit with such a large pool of ideas and not be able to get them out. I didn’t work on Saturday or Sunday. And I still need to make rent the first so I’ll probably work tonight and tomorrow. I’m realizing how much I need to widen my network and get help. I need friends with which to do projects. I need creatives. I would like to be a photographer’s muse. I need somebody to help me edit my videos. I don’t know how and I don’t know when but I do know that my dreams will come true somehow.

I’m everywhere right now.

I’ve been MIA, I know!

Sunday I went to the studio with my friend to record myself singing covers.

Monday morning my trainer got some video of me:

Monday afternoon I shot with photographer Jacob Sledhorn at the Brown Palace.

Then I worked Tuesday night. It was slow and boring.

I worked out Wednesday morning and mostly napped and rested the rest of the day.

NOW TODAY IS THURSDAY! I’m at the gym right now warming up.

Sorry I’ve been behind. It’s in my nature and I’m trying to fight it.

Thanks for someone keeping me accountable.