Happy Summer Solstice 2017

I’m awake rather early today! Yesterday I rested at home all day (still fighting a cold). Today I want to lay out and tan, do some squats, and go to work at La Boheme! I got hired there on Monday, about which I was so relieved. Being an unemployed stripper is extremely frightening.  The amount of debt that piled up after missing a weekend of work is alarming. But I know I can make it back….and get rent.

I won’t go into detail, but I got a 2 week suspension from Shotgun Willies. I allegedly threatened a customer (that assaulted me). Yeah, I know, I know. Don’t get me started.

I only worked one shift at La Boheme so far, but I had an amazing first impression. There are a few differences between Shotguns and LaBo. The first is…FULL NUDE dances! Of course getting fully nude is optional, but TBH I find it a relief that I can provide the kind of service that makes the customer feel like they got something for their money…without doing too much. “Flash the gash” for $40? Yup. The selling point is much easier when trying to score a dance. Essentially… “wanna see my hoohah?”…BOOM sold. At Shotguns, flashing the gash is not allowed, so selling a dance is different. When it comes to “the kitten”, I enforce a look but don’t touch policy. I am so happy I’ve had a year of stripping to help me establish boundaries, which I didn’t know how to establish last year. Also, I can also now more easily determine if someone is too drunk to serve in a lap dance setting (that can be a disaster, especially for full nude dances). When I first started dancing, the full nude thing was a major fail, but now I am much more comfortable. Knock on wood that nothing ruins that!

The other things I loved about LaBo included:

  • It’s an easy drive from my apartment, not too far away even though it’s downtown.
  • There is a big poster in the dressing room spelling out what the patrons are entitled to when they visit the club. This ensures that the dancers remember to provide customer service! Shotguns needs this.
  • It felt really professional in there, management seemed on point.
  • The GM Amanda is a lady (usually a good thing)!
  • Stages have no poles! I would normally hate this, but I am healing a set of bruised ribs, so resting off of the pole is a good idea. Bone bruises take like 2 months to heal. Mine has been bothering me since Memorial Day 😦
  • There are three main stages instead of seven! Having gotten used to seven main stages, I have learned to pull attention towards me when I’m dancing. It’s the only way to lure customers when there are so many options! So with less stages, it’s much easier to attract customers.
  • Selling suites is more straight forward. Prices are set so it’s easier for me to sell.
  • I don’t have to commit to a set schedule for the week. A huge part of being an independent contractor that I love is going to work when I feel like it. I like to listen to my body and soul when they tell me, “Not today”.

I hope my first impression at La Boheme was accurate! We’ll see what it’s like when I work on a weekend instead of a slow Monday. I will be there at least until my suspension expires, but I think I’ll be splitting my time between both clubs after that. It’s great having options.

Wish me luck getting out of my financial hole! I pray by the end of the month I will be caught up again.


Miss Magnolia



Author: idancebymagnolia

Join me in my 2nd year as a stripper in Denver to see how a 26 year old exotic dancer pays off student loans.

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