I Got a MacBook Air

Dear World,

I can finally blog via laptop and I’m beyond excited! I’ve been trying to get a new laptop for at least a year and the day has finally come! I will be posting at least once a week (probably more) and I will be making videos as well!

The past week has been very eventful to say the least. It ended with me depressed and sick with a cold. So I took care of some unfinished business. I got a psychic reading, got my laptop from Best Buy, treated myself to an iced coffee from Starbucks, picked up bananas, and went to the mall for makeup and a Victoria’s Secret shopping spree. This might not sound like an accomplishment as you read it, but it was for me. I had just spent 3 days sulking on my bed doing nothing!

My psychic, Zoe Kelly, was introduced to me last December when I got a reading at the Shotgun Willies Christmas Party. I will be doing a video about her 30 minute reading with me soon. All in all, I left the session feeling motivated and positive. So stay tuned for my video about the psychic reading. I will post it here!


Miss Magnolia



Author: idancebymagnolia

Join me in my 2nd year as a stripper in Denver to see how a 26 year old exotic dancer pays off student loans.

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