…how they choose to take their money”.

Let’s discuss!!

I realize from this comment that I have isolated part of my own community. I was focusing on myself, but it’s important to address how I interpret the rest of the industry. 

Let me be clear,

I pass no judgment on strippers that extend their work into escorting and full service work. In fact, I fully support both!! Feminity is supporting other women!! I personally don’t have the capacity to participate in that part of the industry, but that’s fine! If you are, I don’t give a damn! We are all different and make our money in different ways. 


I thought there were no other options for dancers. I thought you MUST participate in escorting or full service work to be successful, but that’s not the case! That’s why I’m writing this blog! There are MANY ways to make money in this industry, and I’m here to show the more difficult path. I’m here to show girls that DON’T wish to do those things, that you CAN turn money down! You can run this shit however you want!!

I want to be a positive supporting member of the exotic dancing community. I don’t want other girls to feel bad about that they do! Honestly though, if you are an escort and are really secure with how you make money, my blog isn’t going to make you upset. As I always say,


We all know there are many types of hustles. Y’all escorts and y’all full service girls, make your money! I’ll be over here cheering you on! I am not serving the same customers as that type of dancer, so I’m not hurting your money. It takes all types. 

My use of the phrase, “clean, honest, and law-abiding” was triggering to other types of dancers, so I have retired it. No tea, no shade hunty…


Author: idancebymagnolia

Join me in my 2nd year as a stripper in Denver to see how a 26 year old exotic dancer pays off student loans.

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