I Dance By Magnolia

Welcome letter and love


Hello friends! I’m Amanda, but I dance by Magnolia.


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Wow the last time I posted was Sunday? OK. Well Monday it’s snowed so I stayed home all day. Tuesday I worked out and at night I worked. Wednesday I stayed in and did absolutely nothing.

Today was Thursday and I took Odie in to the vet to get his teeth cleaned, which means they had to put him under anesthesia. I was a bit stressed but knew he would be OK and he was. And tonight I recorded myself singing with my producer friend Mark. Stay tuned for that!

Sorry I wasn’t updating this week. I will shoot for updating every day but if that doesn’t happen and I’m not going to feel bad about it because life happens.


I slept late. I would like to work tonight, but I’m not on the schedule.

I just counted my money from last night and was pleasantly surprised. Still, I’m behind for the month so I’m trying to catch up. I’m considering working early shift Friday and Saturday next weekend.

I just had a smoothie and am going to eat some more food before I start getting ready for work.



It’s already Thursday

I went to the gym this morning and went into the steam room for the first time. It felt so disgusting in there. To feel as if you’re inhaling someone else’s sweat, sitting in their sweat, and having the ceiling drip a mixture of sweat and steam onto random parts of my body was unnerving. Especially since I was in there with four other men. I wondered how many people have had sex in there, how many had been violated in there, and if there had ever been steam room malfunctions resulting in death.

Anyway, after I showered and ate, I took a nap and rested the remainder of the day.

It was bitter cold today even though it looked sunny. I can’t wait until spring!

I will be working Friday and Saturday night (possibly Sunday night).


My 27th birthday weekend

The past couple days have been a blur! My birthday was Sunday Jan 7.

Here is a picture of my birthday nails!


On Friday night I went to Temple Denver for the first time, which is a sister club to Temple SF in CA. I was on the guest list but was also immediately recognized by the doorman Doug (who is also a DJ), who let me in without having to ask who I was. He knows me because he used to work at Shotgun Willies.

I felt V.I.P.A.F.

I was lead by a manager to the stage where Zen Freeman was spinning. I met actor Donny Davis, who was also in the VIP area. I didn’t bring my phone to the club so I got no footage of my own. I filmed some stuff on another camera, which I can post later.

It was a cool first experience not only “out on a Friday night” but also at this new club. I’m always working on Friday nights but I made an exception for my birthday weekend. I worked Saturday/Sunday. My birthday unfortunately didn’t increase my earnings, because it’s a slow week for the club as the first week in January post-holiday.

Then Monday after the gym, I took Odie to the vet for his annual checkup. I got his bloodwork done and he got some shots. He’s healthy but I need to take him in to get his teeth cleaned. It will cost me $552…not as bad as I thought. I’m going to schedule his teeth cleaning for sometime this month. But at least his vaccines are updated so I can put him in doggy day camp whenever I need to.

So yeah I can’t believe I skipped so many days blogging, I’ll be back on it!

I am gonna work tonight.

Have a good day!!

XOXO, Miss Magnolia




Lay low

I have been considering whether I want to be celibate lately. The reason for that is because I don’t find any utility in dating at this time. I really just want to focus on myself, my career, and my finances. But what I have learned over time is that extremes are never good. So I’m not going to swear myself into celibacy, but I am going to lay low.

It seems to boggle people’s minds when they learn that I don’t want a boyfriend. I need at least another year of being single. I want to meet new people and build friendships. I want to expand my circle in such a way that it furthers my career. To me that means being around other people with the same mindset. A non-complacent mindset that is constantly pushing for something better. I have been blessed that I can make money in the way that I do. I need to take advantage of that because it’s not gonna be much longer until I move on to something else. So I want to make the most of my finances while I have them at this rate. I’m antsy. I’m not comfortable staying where I am. I need to keep moving up and up and up. It’s truly in my Capricorn nature to climb mountains. And that’s how I am as a person, for real. I am never satisfied with myself and see so much room for expansion and improvement overall.

Let’s all get ahead. Let’s all move forward in life. Let’s give ourselves something better. Let’s put ourselves in better positions for the future.

If you’d like to come with me, I’m a great teammate. Being on a team is my favorite thing in the whole wide world. And I know that supporting each other is much easier than doing it alone. So if you’re trying to be on my team then let me know and I will take my well-being and future seriously just like you. I’m not fucking around.

Let’s fucking do this!


Miss Magnolia